Step 1

Distribute a collection statement (see below) to parents/guardians

  1. Take note of all students whose parents/guardians do not want their information shared with local council.
  2. Liaise with your local council immunisation coordinator regarding the Secondary School Vaccine Program for the year and request a secure email address to send data to.

Step 2

  1. Extract the following fields of information for all students:
    • Student name, DOB, year level, class, language spoken at home
    • Parent/guardian name, phone numbers, email and postal addresses
  2. Delete students whose parents/guardians who opted out
  3. Download the ‘Data for council’ excel spreadsheet (see below). Copy and paste extracted information ensuring information matches column headings and that all columns are complete.
  4. Review spreadsheet to ensure:
    • Parents/guardians who opted out do not have their data included
    • The file is an excel file (.xls, .xlsx or .csv). Do not save in Word or as a .pdf.
  5. Send final document to your local council immunisation coordinator’s secure email address.


For further instructions for specific school software packages are available via the drop down menu below.

Please contact your software administration package helpline or local IT, for further support regarding extracting information.