The Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2009 authorise secondary schools to provide their local council with student and parent/guardian contact information for any student scheduled to receive a vaccination, for the purposes of delivering the Victorian Secondary School Vaccine Program.

Why do schools provide this information?

To reduce the administrative burden on school staff to follow-up consent cards

To improve communication with parents/guardians regarding their child’s vaccination needs

To ensure all eligible students are offered the opportunity to access free vaccinations at school

To reduce the time required by councils to manually enter data obtained from returned consent cards

What information goes to local council?

Student name, gender, date of birth, year level, class, language(s) spoken at home

Parent/guardian names, phone numbers, email and postal addresses

What do schools need to do?

Follow the instructions listed below to extract relevant information for your local council.

If your school software package is not listed below, or you have problems with the instructions available for your software system, please refer to the instructions available under ‘All other systems’.

Report issues

If you encounter issues with the data extraction instructions available on this site and are unable to resolve them with your IT service providers and/or your school software system support contacts, please report the issue to