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Cancer Council Australia – Everything a teen should know about the HPV vaccine
>> BOYS & GIRLS:  I thought, you know, why not raise awareness; why not help …?

It’s important because it’s something that can affect both girls and boys.

I told my best friend to do it.

She was like ‘Is Vinny doing it, is Finn doing it?’

I told Villy to get it. I told Ruby, Flora…

It’s important to get the vaccine so you live a long happy life.

>> BOY STUDENT 1: I really wanted to know what the vaccine protected me against.

>> BOY STUDENT 2: The HPV vaccine protects against some cancers which affect both men and women.

>> GIRL STUDENT 1: It’s four strains of HPV.

>> BOY STUDENT 3: HPV causes most genital cancers in men. And the vaccine can protect against most of these.

>> BOY STUDENT 4: It protects you against 70% of cervical cancers.

>> GIRL STUDENT 2: Ninety per cent of genital warts.

>> GIRL STUDENT 3: I don’t exactly know what it stands for.

>> BOY STUDENT 4: Papa … I can’t pronounce it sorry.

>> GIRL STUDENT 2: Human papillomas virus?

>> BOY STUDENT 4: Human papa-pla-pla …

>> GIRL STUDENT 1: What does HPV stand for?

>> BOY STUDENT 5: Human papillomavirus.

>> GIRL STUDENT 3: Well, I’d like to get more information about it.

>> GIRL STUDENT 1: If someone asked me what HPV is, I would tell them…

>> GIRL STUDENT 4: HPV is a common, sexually transmitted infection.

>> BOY STUDENT 6: It affects both men and women.

>> GIRL STUDENT 5: It usually has no effects and leaves the body naturally.

>> BOY STUDENT 1: Some high-risk types of HPV can cause serious illnesses like cancer.

>> GIRL STUDENT 3: Do you know why it’s important for us to get the vaccine at our age?

>> GIRL STUDENT 6: Because that’s mostly before you’re like sexually active.

>> GIRL STUDENT 7: It’s because we produce more antibodies at our age.

>> BOY STUDENT 7: We have a better immune response to the vaccine.

>> BOY STUDENT 6: It’s really important for guys my age to get it.

>> BOY STUDENT 4: It’s not free forever so you may as well get it when it’s in the school program.

>> GIRL STUDENT 6: If you miss out then each dosage is $150.

>> BOY STUDENT 7: Yeah, it’s pretty expensive.

>> GIRL STUDENT 2: I can probably think of a lot of things I would want to spend that money on, like shopping, clothes, movie tickets!

>> GIRL STUDENT 8: So get it while you can.

>> GIRL STUDENT 1: It’s really important to speak to your parents about it. Just so, first of all so you can get your permission slip signed so you can get it at school for free.

>> GIRL STUDENT 2: They can definitely tell you about it, or even if they’re not that sure, they can find out more about it.

>> BOY STUDENT 3: You only need three doses.

>> BOY STUDENT 7: You need three over six months to be most effective.

>> GIRL STUDENT 1: If you happen to miss an injection, it’s no problem.

>> BOY STUDENT 8: You can just get a catch up appointment with your GP.

>> GIRL STUDENT 3: We have to go and get it done!

>> GIRL STUDENT 7: I will soon…

>> GIRL STUDENT 4: Everyone wants to know if it hurt.

>> BOY STUDENT 9: I think the worst bit is waiting before you get it, not when you actually get it.

>> GIRL STUDENT 5: You’ll think, oh my God, is it going to really, really hurt?’ No.

>> BOY STUDENT 3: Didn’t even hurt.

>> GIRL STUDENT 1: And plus you get lolly-pops afterwards so it makes up.

>> BOY STUDENT 4: There’s a few bits of advice I would give on the day.

>> BOY STUDENT 8: Wear short sleeves.

>> BOY STUDENT 10: Don’t forget to have breakfast.

>> GIRL STUDENT 7: And ask questions whenever you want to.

>> BOY STUDENT 4: Sixty-five million doses have been given safely worldwide.

>> GIRL STUDENT 9: In over a hundred countries.

>> GIRL STUDENT 1: I think it’s pretty safe.

>> GIRL STUDENT 8: There’s some pretty amazing figures on the success of the vaccine.

>> GIRL STUDENT 2: It’s halved the incidences of abnormal cells in girls under 18.

>> BOY STUDENT 1: And reduced the cases of genital warts by 90%.

>> BOY STUDENT 4: It’s a pretty effective vaccine.

>> GIRL STUDENT 2: Who would have thought that just three needles would have that much impact on the whole cancer?

>> BOY STUDENT 11: It helps secure your future.

>> GIRL STUDENT 10: Do you still need to have regular Pap tests when you’re older?

>> GIRL STUDENT 11: You do, because it doesn’t, like, protect you 100%. There’s still a chance that you can still get it.

>> GIRL STUDENT 2: My mum got diagnosed with a certain type of cancer…

>> GIRL STUDENT 12: Just having the experience of someone having a type of cancer just makes you more aware…

>> GIRL STUDENT 2: If you can solve another kind of cancer by just having three needles than it’s really worth it, to not have to go through what me and my family went through.

>> BOY STUDENT 6: Getting the HPV vaccine will reduce your risk of getting some cancers in the future.

>> BOYS & GIRLS: I want to protect my future so I can still do the things that I always wanted to do.

I love music. I love drama and I love my family. Things like sport I actually love.

Nature. Animals. I like a lot of things.

I don’t want to get cancer.

>> GIRL STUDENT 13: So I’m going to get the vaccine because it could save a life one day.

>> BOY STUDENT 7: Do it.

>> GIRL STUDENT 3 & 7: It is so worth it.

>> GIRL STUDENT 1: You’ve got so much to live for.

>> BOY STUDENT 4: I did it.

>> BOY STUDENT 6: I did it so can you.

>> GIRL STUDENT 12: It’s no big deal.

>> BOY STUDENT 10: Do it!

>> BOYS & GIRLS: We did it, so can you!

>> GIRL STUDENT 2: If you need more information, just visit the website: